Most of us like pulling off pranks on someone, especially are close to us, such as a boyfriend, a sister, brother or something similar to this. But it gives us more pleasure when it is girl friend. You may have seen some pranks that boyfriends pull on their girlfriends. In this video,Milton Keynes pulled off a prank on his girlfriend.

The funny video shows that the girlfriend was spending time on her phone sitting on the sofa. She didn’t know what is holding on her in the future and her Pepsi drink. You can see her boyfriend is preparing everything using vinegar in a plastic bag. He first ties it and puts a straw into the plastic bag. It is clear to us what he will do next. After wrapping, he puts the plastic bag containing vinegar on the Pepsi drink. After her boyfriend brings out the “Pepsi”, she takes a sip from the cup only to realize it is not Pepsi what she’s drinking.

Many viewers think that this prank is funny, but others accuse that this boyfriend is cruel and stupid to do this to his girlfriend. They think that drinking vinegar could seriously harm her.

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