Radio Control (RC) flying has become a popular hobby in recent years among the young people , even to the older people. When you will keep your eyes on toy shops, everywhere you look there are radio control aircraft and cars for sale. And when you go outside for a walk, the chances are good that you might see someone somewhere flying something.

A pair of skillful hands can truly operate remotely-controlled airplane. The name of this boy is Martin Pickering who performs a breathtaking show with this gigantic R/C airplane at the Joe Nall Noon Show.  It is the Extra 330Lx. The shorter wingspan and re-designed wing of this RC plane allow for much faster rolls that you can see in the video below.

The wingspan of this RC plane is 107″, the length is 101′ and the weight of the plane is 27.8Ibs for this flawlessly functional R/C airplane. This amazing plane has carbon fiber reinforced wing, metal gear servos, heavy duty landing gear and scale pilot are just a few of the exceptional feature that have made this RC flying plane special from others.

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