As a human it is easy to wear ski mask. But you will astonished when you will watch the video. You cannot but stop watching this video over and over. The dog is definitely a good actor and at the same time it is adorable and funny too.

Here in this video you can see, the dog is sitting near her owner who is wearing a black jacket and sun glass. At one point, the dog starts wearing the ski mask itself. It is almost hard to believe that a dog can do this. Someone on the web said the clip is reversed, that probably make it easier for the dog to perform the action, it is getting rid of the ski mask instead of putting it on!

One of the viewers comment that this is nothing but the effect of graphics. It is not write but he commented like this watching this interesting moment. Another two commented that “Damn if that’s not the coolest dog in the world” “He looks like a standard player character from gta online."

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