Most of the football match is run under top security. It is not only for human but also for animals. Some security officers tried to drag the dog forcefully from the pitch, but they became unsuccessful. They

Here in this video you can see, a player named, Torpedo Kutaisi player, David Khurtsilava was able to direct the dog away from the pitch. The dog continued his insisting to the player before he stopped for a quick belly rub. You can see the dog is praying for his belly rub to the player.

The goalkeeper applied his tricks with the stray dog when it ran onto the pitch during a National Football League match in Georgia. The presence spectators could not stop laughing. The dog spent around three minutes on the football pitch. It was a tough matter to catch the dog and disrupted the game. Security of the pitch tried to drag the dog forcefully from the turf, but it managed to escape and ran away. After long attempts at distracting the pooch, player David Khurtsilava was able to coax the dog to the sidelines. Once play had resumed, Dila Gori and Torpedo Kutaisi drew 0-0 in Sunday’s match.

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