The day was not going well for the crab gymnast and three of his pincered buddies, as they can be spotted in the video scrambling for their lives amid a few knobs of butter in a frying pan. A crafty crab was caught on video recently trying to make the ultimate sacrifice for his friends.

The crab LAD takes his fate into his own hands, however, springing from the burning, buttery flames out of the pan and onto the electric hob. Our intrepid crustacean then descends the hob - all of this done sideways, of course - before locating the off switch and managing to deploy it with his claws.

The video was taken at a restaurant in the Jiangsu Province of China, shows four crabs scrambling around in a hot frying pan, still alive and seemingly not too excited about being part of somebody’s meal. He hurriedly crab walks his way out of the pan and hits the off switch, temporarily turning off the heat and giving his pals at least a few more minutes to live.

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