Skydiving has evolved significantly since the first parachute was designed back in the 1480s. Today, sport skydiving exists as a hobby, participated in by thousands of skydivers across the globe, and this has become a play to the daredevils. A group of fearless skydivers can be seen plummeting head first towards the ground during an epic mid-air trick-shot.

This spectacular stunt, they organized in Houston, Texas. The video shows, a group of skydivers jump from a plane and form a huge circle in the sky as a floating target for others to dive through. Aerial videographer, Nicholas Lott, leads this unique skydiving and shot the incredible footage from the air.

After completing the formation, more skydivers take the plunge and dive head first through the floating target. The divers build an ‘upright round’ meaning they are holding hands in a circle, falling feet first toward the ground, while other jumpers dive through the center of the formation. The divers then build a ‘head-down round’ meaning they are falling head first toward the ground and the upright flyers dive through the new formation. This is really mesmerizing and eye-catching.

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