All the living beings of the world fight for survival in this world. We are human, the best creatures of the world and fight for survival. Like us, two beetles start fighting that is like boxing match. These two were filmed trading blows with their front legs during a short duel on a carpet in Canada.

Here in this video you can see, the bug on the right dominates the smaller insect during the fight. At one point the big one lashes out with its long legs and ensures that the black beetle cannot get too many punches in. The strong bug lifts the other and bodyslams it down onto the carpet like a pro. The insect attempts to hold down the smaller fighter, but it hardly manages to wriggle free and even tries to keep on hitting back while on stuck its back.

Their horns stuck like two WWF fighters before the smaller black bugs admits defeat and withdraws from the duel. It appears, for a short while the larger bug has been victorious however the camera soon pans out from the carpeted ring and reveals the underdog making a reappearance.

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