Manatees are gentle and slow-moving animals. Most of their time is spent eating, resting and traveling. Manatee are mostly herbivorous and they eat aquatic plants and can consume floating, emergent and submerged vegetation from freshwater, brackish, and saltwater environments.

Generally you can see these sea cows just chilling around calm waters, while grazing on sea grass and basking under the glorious sun. It sometimes can be a great matter of fear to the surfers, divers or swimmers. A beautiful woman start crying in fear when she saw a sea creature under water.

She is immediately in scared mode while swimming with what appears to be a selfie stick. The manatee got a little too close for comfort, and this is where the girl almost loses it. She thought that it might be a giant shark or other massive sea creature. She even attempts to touch it, but suddenly changes her mind as soon as she saw how huge it was. The reaction of the girl was hilarious.

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