There are many superhuman around us who can show their super power. But, there are some who have gained their skill just practicing for long. A man is able to climb to the top of a pole by quickly kicking his legs in the air.

Here in this video you can see a man wearing jeans and a grey hoodie shows off his acrobatic skills by grabbing onto the metal pole in a gymnasium. The man starts lifting by keeping balance on his two palms. The man is also known as the ‘human flag’, who involves holding something vertical with two hands and then employing upper body and abdominal strength. You can see the man is repeatedly kicking his legs up and down in a jerking motion which carries him in an upward direction.

He built the momentum by the force of the kicks, thus the talented man is able to reach the top of the pole. Reaching the top of the pole, he starts spinning his legs in an acrobatic twirl before twisting and turning his way to the floor. This is really astonishing.

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