A 14 months old adorable toddler may have been hungry when she goes for with her mother in Walmart. She started trying to nurse from bras that were hanging in the lingerie section of the store. The little girl might think it is the b**bs of woman.

The name of this little girl is Emmy, who was in Walmart with her mom, Erika Baudendistel. When her mother stopped in the aisle that was adorned with undergarments, the toddler seemed to assist herself when she noticed some bras.

The video shows the little Emmy is squeezing some nude-colored bras in the underwear section and trying to breastfeed.

Her mother says, "She just happened to walk up and start touching ’em, poking ’em, and I thought she was gonna yank it right off like she normally does and then she went for it," but later she started shucking the upper surface of the bra.

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