You should do that that you can but you should not do more that are not sure to you. A poor golfer tries to take a running jump over a narrow stream but fails for a little bit. The golfer actually wanted to recover his ball that fall on the other side of the stream and it ends up plunging into the water.

The video shows the man prepares to jump over the stream nestled between two grassy verges. It seems this happens somewhere in Spain. Taking a running jump, the man sprints towards the stream and leaps when he gets to the edge but things take a turn for the worse. It may happen for the lack of knowledge of science or practice.

He jumps for crossing the stream but misses the other side of stream by mere inches and lands face first in the grassy bank. The golfer plunges into the water of the stream. His friends could not hold their laughter as they watch him try to swim to the edge as the water almost drags him downstream. Eventually, the man grapples his way onto the bank and manages to haul himself out of the water.

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