You may see the cleverness of your pet. But if your pet is dog, it will show you the another limit of intelligence. This mammals are recognized as one of the most intelligent companion of human on earth, it is not surprising to see them do a few impressive tricks. They have their special ability to mimic human behavior.

There are many incidents of aggressive behavior of the dogs. But it is sure, most of the dog owners would agree that no matter what type of breed you have, a pooch’s behavior will depend on how you raise them. Surly this owner has got the intelligent one.

The name of this dog is Czr who may be the only dog that can communicate with his human by nodding or shaking his head to deliver yes or no answers. Here in this video, you can see the dog is shaking its head when it disagrees with owner’s opinion. His owner has trained him also to raise awareness about Czr’s breed and put an end to its discrimination.

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