Flame Travels......

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Our life can not be thought without fire. From the ancient period it feeds us, it keeps us warm and it’s one of the most beautiful things to see. so, naturally playing with it has become a pass-time for many people across the world.

There was about thousand Read more: Flame Travels......

Little Place; Huge Socks

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Like many other daily life stuff Socks are very much important to us. But most of us are not concern about keeping them after using them. But a few seconds and little trick can help to keep the shocks.

Most of us are habituate to keep the socks Read more: Little Place; Huge Socks

A Giant Spider and Dad

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Parents are always concern about the children. When a giant spider is seen on the ceiling of the room then he tries to ensure a safe environment for the children by catching that.
Here it is seen that the father wants to catch the spider with a plastic bowl Read more: A Giant Spider and Dad