Ice storm is common aspect in the cold countries. There are so many counties in the entire world that are covered by ice after ice storm. In the footage we have noticed the effects of the ice storm. Sometimes this can cause serious damage of lives of the people. They have to face serious troubles frequently. Ice storms are more common than blizzards . They are not violent storms, but instead commonly perceived as gentle rains occurring at temperatures just below freezing. For this reason people may be unaware of the danger if it happens overnight. The freezing rain from an ice storm covers everything with heavy, smooth glaze ice. In addition to hazardous driving or walking conditions, branches or even whole trees may break from the weight of ice. Falling branches can block roads, tear down power and telephone lines, and cause other damage. Even without falling trees and tree branches, the weight of the ice itself can easily snap power lines and also break and bring down utility poles, even electricity pylons with steel frames. This can leave people without power for anywhere from several days to a month. Damage from ice storms is easily capable of shutting down entire metropolitan areas. Additionally, the loss of power during ice storms has indirectly caused numerous illnesses and deaths due to unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning. Loss of electricity during ice storms can indirectly lead to hypothermia. Guys if you like this footage you are requested to share this among your friends & family to make them aware of this aspect as a whole.

An Ice Storm Hit Oklahoma And Just Wait Until... by HD-Now