This really a matter of wonder that real life transformer as a car shape has been included in our practical life. This will make our life more easier than before,as because this robotic car will not perform as a car rather it will work as a human in our piratical life indeed. Transformers are now a very real innovation in our world. This is one of the most impressive iterations of robotic transformers we have ever seen, and with enough money, you can own one for yourself. Such types of robotic car can walk as well as can fold it in time of need. With the technological development, the entire world has advanced. Things have been changed. life style has also been changed,at the same time demand of the life style has been changed. With the pace of time we are going to have such amazing robotic car that is really a matter of astonishing. Moreover,this has added a new dimension in our modern life. Anyway, guys if you like this please this among you friends and families.