In this amazing world there are so many amazing creatures and so many natural wonders that you will be astonishes to know about these. In the footage you guys will notice that a group of turtle’s babies are wandering in the desert area, how nice to look at the moment. Maybe all of them are going to hatch. You will be surprised to see their natural habitat. It looks more like a resurrection as they emerge from the sand and head to the sea. However,for our settlement we are going to destroy their nesting places. We might not notice it at the time due to selfish reasons, but what we lose at the end is much more than we gain. For our selfish activities we are going to lose these natural beauty and wonders day by day. Do you have any experience or observation in the way man’s activities have negatively impacted on animal habitats that is really matter of regret! To be kind to the creatures is to be kind to the human. We have to save them for our own betterment. Anyway,guys if you like this,please share this among your friends and families so that they can be conscious of this fact.