In human life there is a certain period when guys become helpless and at that time they become so much sick physically. At that time they need to have proper caring as well as proper foods to have. In such situation we generally do not support them. They have to victim of suffering. Guys if you take a look in the footage you will see that this old lady is being abused by her caretaker. This is the common picture in our society. In the footage you will notice more that the son of this old has kept a caretaker to taken care of his mother and for this he has also set a hidden camera inside her home. When the son sees the reality he expresses his expression sadly & feel so pathetic to his helpless mother. Moreover,the caretaker has treated this old lady rudely & such a helpless situation there is nothing to do. However,guys we have many thing to learn from this story. In the old age we should take a proper caring of our parents. They are our assets for all the life indeed. They are the blessing for us. Guys think think you will like this footage as well as will share this among your friend,families & on your Facebook,twitter.