Some car thieves are really different than the normal one. You will be astonished at seeing these thieves as well as their illegal activities. Your sense will clear if you take a look in the footage. In the record you will see that the most hilarious criminal ever. Car thief throws a brick, Mercedes throws it Back. A would be thief attempted to break into a car by throwing a brick into the vehicle’s window, only for the brick to bounce back and knock the man unconscious, CCTV video obtained the footage. Moreover,the owner of the nearby Pheasant pub and the car that fought back, came out to investigate and saw the man lying in a pool of his own blood. That’s when the suspect attempted to blackmail him. In addition,when the guy picked him up,he started claiming that i attacked him. He was still telling them that in the station when i came in with the footage of him getting knocked out by his own brick. The man was quickly collected by authorities, and the incident remains under investigation. Still, this brave almost robber has taught humanity an important lesson. No matter how evolved we are, sometimes we are bested by bricks. Guys think you will like this footage. Please share this among your friends,families as well as on your Facebook,twitter.