In this world there are various wonders that will make astonish if you watch them directly. These guys are not only the wonder of the world but also the assets of the world. Guys if you take a look in the footage you will see the amazing recitation by blind man using electronic braille Quran. The technology implemented on eBraille Panel involves the use of piezoelectric actuators. The actuators will move the dots to be displayed. Besides that, audio assistance also available. The eBraille Panel can be connected to a computer and also can be integrated to several panels for simultaneous learning. In addition,this aims of this to ease the learning of Quran for visually impaired and allows that person to fully understand the Quran and all its contents. This panel will replace the Braille papers in Braille Quran that are used nowadays. This will introduce an effective and innovative teaching and learning aid for the visually impaired. This Quran eBraille comprises of the mechanical design, electronics hardware and application software. Guys think you you obviously like this footage. Please share this useful footage among your friends,families as well as on your Facebook,twitter.