In the present world there are so many amazing facts that will give you absolute ecstasy while watching these by your own eyes. In the footage you guys if you take a look you will see that how magicians prepare the floating man trick. The following showcases a series of tricks performed by street illusion artists from all over the world. Let us figure out what is really happening. At first glance, your eyes are in disbelief. How can a man be floating in the air? Clearly, passersby watching this street performance are impressed and taking photographs. Here, you can see this team took everything up a notch by doing the trick together. Is the man at the bottom holding up the man at the top? Often times, the street artists are in elaborate costume. Other times, they like to keep it simple. Each time,the audience is completely blown away. It turns out the secret behind is trick is actually very simple. Moreover,there is a platform that the performer is actually sitting on this entire time, and that platform is connected to the pole for support. It is not a coincidence that in each of these instances there is always a carpet of some sort at the bottom to cover the base. There you have it! It turns out those seemingly long hours of floating meditation were just hours of sitting! You and I can easily do that. Wouldn’t you agree? however,guys think you will like this footage. Please share this funny footage among your friends,families as well as on your Facebook,twitter.