A father will do anything for his daughter, but usually imply that as a manifestation of unconditioned and unlimited love. This, however is a bit more difficult to categorize. The father gave the red car to his two children, a boy and a girl, to share it between the two of them. At some point,though, he spotted the car being driven by an unknown guy, so he immediately blamed it on his daughter. In addition,he presumably held some talks with his son as well, who apparently gave him the trash the car. Because that is what boys do. They agree to something that will make their sister hurt, even though it affects them as well. Moreover, luckily for the dad, he seemed to have a small loader lying around the yard. Judging by the ease with which he manipulates the machine, it was not the first time he got behind its controls, even though we would like to believe he used it for other purposes before. The car did not stand a chance against the loader’s metallic cup and the father’s unleashed wrath, so in just a few minutes it was beyond any recognition. However,not that he necessarily should have done it. Punishing someone for sharing and for making decisions of their own, that’s not exactly good parenting. Well, maybe this was not the first time she had done it, and they discussed it before, and yet she still ignored his wishes. In this case, you could half understand his frustration, but not his reaction. Anyway,guys share this footage on your Facebook as well as twitter.