You will see so many types of shocking as well as horrific videos. These will give you a clear concept of suffering of the guys who are to suffer in various troubles or diseases. Guys if you just take a look in the footage you will see that these doctors have pulled out a basil leaf up to This 17 year old Patient’s eye. This is really amazing as well as horrific at the same time. In addition, when the outermost layer of your eyes is infected with bacteria or virus it results in conjunctivitis. The eyes turn pink. You will have itching, burning as well as swelling of the eyes. The inside of the eyelid may also be affected by the infection. Various kinds of environmental pollutants and allergens may be responsible for pink eye. Moreover,it may be the pollens or other foreign body that has infected your eyes. But whatever has caused it pink eye is very contagious. In fact it generally spreads from one to another through contact, and generally both the eyes are affected. Pink eye is not harmful and it generally heals on its own within a few days. However, living with the discomfort is often quite difficult. Anyway,guys think you will like this footage as well as will prefer this. Please share this footage on your Facebook and twitter.