All of a sudden a the workers of the airport discovered a bizarre things over the airport while working. One worker roared check that out, it’s going to hit the plane as the blue shape grew bigger and more visible.One of the people recording moved their position to try to give perspective and show the object was moving.Many put it down to an alien attack on Earth describing it was the invasion from space. But as others pointed out it was more likely to be a missile or rocket launch. Another said The plume is from a hydrogen powered rocket engine. Various people keep commenting about that things. It is really a phenomenon that left behind the plumes of blue smoke behind while traversed the horizon. But it could be a cloud of ice crystal reflecting light from the sun. Opinions of the workers are different from one to another. Nobody can say about the thing certainly. It is really so amazing and thrilling incident that mystified to all workers. Thus guys if you like this video then you can share this among your family, friends, Facebook and twitter.