Here The raw footage showing the rough seas. some times in calm, some times in storms we now realize how exactly it was. When you are on board you only see waters bellow, in all the sides and above and Sometimes the ship is falling down the waves and leaves you floating on the air, and then is coming back, under your feet and makes you feel ten times heavier.

Such a dangerous moment that you go wave by wave, counting for the big one and again and again. The sea is never an enemy to fear. It only needs to be respected. The navigation is not an easy task to perform with anybody. The naval army are generally so skilled and courageous. They can go through waves with acute force steering their ship straight.

Wave those raises in the sea and ocean are so big size and sometimes become much more turbulent that can easily capsized any ship twinkling of an eye. You could see that in this footage that how the warship fighting with the waves dangerously. Sometimes it seems going under water and then after sometimes it bobbing up. It is so amazing. Thus, guy if you like this footage then you can share this footage among your friends, family, Facebook and twitter.