A serpent is usually carries a lot of venom but if comes as to the king cobra then it is beyond saying. A king cobra as much as long so much it is so venomous. a king cobra is very terrible to look at. This kind of snake is of fierce type. it is quickly susceptible to response. Here in this footage that we could see that a king cobra is awfully attacked by five dogs.

The cobra is trying its best to escape from the clutches of the dogs. But the dogs are not letting it to escape. they are keep giving the snake a series of bit. The dogs are dragging the cobra sometimes its tail and sometimes with its body anywhere they are having able to bite.

And the cobra frequently making at them in order to bite them and it also fulminating as well as expanding its hood. The footage is utterly truculent. The footage also arise fear inside body. Thus, guys if you like this footage then you can share this footage among your family, friends, Facebook and twitter.