Barak Obama was the former president of America. He was very good person and he performed his responsibilities and duties with honesty and leaving no shortcomings behind those would be the cause to the prejudice of his honor. Here in this raw footage we see that the ushering lady whose name is Ellen is paying tribute to Obama and his wife by adopting various categories on television talk show.

Obama is really a very gentle man and he never any perpetrate any malefactor tasks during his tenure. Every member of his family was so a simulacrum and symbol of peace. He was very amicable a individuality. His ideal would be amaranth as long as this world will be intact.

You might see that the ushering lady is chatting and passing a several of pleasurable moments with Obama and his wife by making them strike various attitudes like dancing, chest down and so on. Thus, guys if you ,like this footage then you can share this footage among your friends, family, Facebook and twitter.