Muscular knots may occur due to various reasons in our life time. These knots interrupt you to lead a simple and comfortable life. Often knots those you got in your muscles drive you at the face of problems. You may not be able to sit and lie down freely. Here in this legible footage we could see that tennis ball trick that can help you to relive back, knee and neck pain within second.
Tennis ball is a very familiar playing ball. The shape of the tennis balls are round. These ball are generally elastic and made out of rubber like substance. The tennis ball has a rubbery elasticity which relaxes and stretches the muscles and soothes the pain. You can remove your pain with the collaboration of tennis balls very easily. In case of painful hip you need to lie and place a ball between the hip and the floor, and lean on it.  Make 12 slow circles and change the side. In case of stiff shoulder you should lie on the floor with the face-up. Put two tennis balls behind the shoulders, and roll them over with the shoulders. In case of sore back you should put 2 tennis balls below the back, between the tailbone and the ribs, and move the pelvis on both sides, letting the tennis balls move over the back.

in case of strained neck You should lie on the floor with the face upward, and keep 2 tennis balls under the skull base. You should move the head and allow the balls to comfortable settle in the back neck part. thus, guys if you like this footage then you can share this footage among your friends, family , Facebook and twitter.