The Internet is awash with videos of animal rescues. Videos and stories showing poor, neglected cats and dogs being saved from perilous or pathetic situations are a dime a dozen ... although I find them no less heartwarming each time I see one! But what about other species of animals? Are they so self-sufficient and cautious that they never find themselves in harm’s way? In short, the answer is a big fat no. We just happen to come across more cats and dogs than, say, horses or sea turtles. 
Take this young deer, for instance; in most cases, shy deer try to avoid humans, but he didn’t have much of a choice in this case. Washingtonian Bill David came across the Black-tailed yearling deer while checking out a couple alarm events on a property for his company. Though the deer couldn’t make their way out of the vast mud pit they’d found their way into, they could move enough to catch Davis’s attention. He knew he couldn’t leave those helpless babies stuck in the mud without hope of an escape, so he got on the phone and made some calls.
Luckily, on the other end of the phone was an operator who could move an excavator with incredible skill and precision. With some careful digging, they were able to free both yearlings and send them on their way. Unfortunately, mom was nowhere in sight; hopefully, she was just out of view watching her babies and waiting for them to return!
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H/T: Aaron Garney