Becoming a mother is a best gift from the God. This video has shown us about a cruel mother . She gives birth a sweet new baby. When she was pregnant, no one does not know the fact. she wears loose dresses for that no one could not realize that she was pregnant. However she gives birth a baby and after 4 days she throw the baby into the lavatory pipe. The rescuer was seen the baby in the toilet pipe. The whole scenery was recorded last April 18 by a surveillance camera. The fireman cut the toilet pipe and rescued to the 4 day sweet baby. The shocking video footage shows 40-year-old Emilia Blacksmith beating up a 4-day-old baby Nicole. The sweet baby’s name was a Nicole. Nicole is suffering heavy concussion and bleeding in her head. The newborn is currently in critical condition , but slowly getting better in the hands of the best doctors.

Watch this video and share with your family members. This is a shocking video.