It continues to happen phenomenons somewhere or other in nature in the world but most of them remain behind our sight. Those who are fortunate enough are able to watch of phenomenons for the time being and to say a miracle means amazing or awe-stricken. Here in this raw footage we could see that the man snaps of bizarre square shaped waves.

To the naked eye, the waves appear to be square shaped, repeating over and over again to form a chessboard pattern on the surface of the ocean. The sight is so unusual that each year, residents and tourists alike, often flock to an old lighthouse on the shore to get a better view from its higher elevation.

When these weather patterns last for longer periods of time, they produce these unusually large, square shapes that make for quite a sight! It is truly amazing to see how nature works in the most bizarre ways. Some of the other incredible wonder of nature. Thus, guys if you like this footage then you can share this footage among your friends, family, Facebook and twitter.