You may have seen street performance while you are on your way to home or anywhere. It may be an amazing experience in your life. Here in this awesome footage we could see that the main performer stopped his own act and selected a little girl from the crowd and The man was challenging the girl’s physical skill and their next moves leave all the crowds astounded diametrically.

He asked her to do pushups. Thinking the little girl was too weak to do as many as he did, he stood up with confidence. However, the little Swedish lass wasn’t afraid to pop right down on the ground and pump out as many pushups as the grown man! Next came the cartwheels. The performer completed a perfect cartwheel and asked the girl to do the same. Once again, the girl stepped up to the task and knocked out a perfect cartwheel! But the next trick, a double cartwheel was sure to throw her off!

With all of the confidence in the world, the brave little lady stepped before the audience and did two perfect cartwheels in a row. The man was shocked, as was everyone watching in a circle around them! This was all a test to see if the girl was going to be ready for their big trick. After getting the girl in place, the men lifted her up in the air and twirled her around - this was the best street performance ever and she got to be a part of it! Take a peek at their adorable interaction by pressing "play" on the video below! Thus, guys if you like this footage then you can share this footage among your friends, family, Facebook and twitter.