Usually, electrical linemen have the risky job of climbing poles using a ladder for repair work. It is not trouble-free to carry ladders. Sometimes, one needs vehicles to carry ladders. It becomes difficult to carry them in narrow streets and remote areas. An Indian lineman has come up with a solution to address these problems and invents amazing shoes to climb pole easily and quickly.
Sameer Mutalik Desai, who is settled in Dharwad but works in Belagavi, came up with the idea of developing the contraption after watching a video on the internet. The metal equipment, when used as footwear, lowers the risk of slipping off the pole. Due to its grip, it can also be used to climb trees. 

The ingenious device will allow anyone to easily climb up poles without the use of a ladder. This viral video shows the inventor is demonstrating his invention to the whole world. Of course, you’re still going to need a safety harness to do this safely, but looking at the devices early stages, it seems like something that will be helpful to workers around the world.

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