Everybody knows that lions are called the beast of the jungle. When they roar then all other animals shiver in utter fear and seek for safe shelter. A single buffalo bull seemed to notice the lion lying in the bushes and decided to tread carefully towards the lion to see what she was up to!At a point, the buffalo got a bit too close for comfort and the lion got a fright and tried to flee the situation.

Once she got up, we noticed how terribly thin and weak she was looking and then the guy who was present there realized that this meal was a matter of life and death for her.Unfortunately, in the condition she was in there was no chance she would be able to take down a healthy buffalo of that size on her own. The buffalo realized her vulnerable state and flung her up into the air like a ragdoll. She managed to get away from the buffalo unscathed.

It was clear, though, that lion was not going to live much longer on her own and it is actually worthy of being imagined that she would have died of hunger at the end of the day. Thus, guys if you like this footage then you can share this footage among your friends, family, Facebook and twitter.