Fisherman Caught A 50kg Giant Piranha In Congo River That Can Even Eat Crocodiles and human creatures.

A Goliath tiger fish is also called a giant tiger fish. This fish devoured the flesh of a 13-year-old kid in Peru. That is totally terrifying.

This giant fish is called Hydrocarbons Goliath also known as the Goliath tiger fish, giant tiger fish, or mbenga. The Goliath tiger fish isn’t actually piranha but the largest member of the tiger fish clan. It\’s quite similar to Piranha, just bigger and deadlier.

It has 32 razor-sharp teeth that are of similar size to those of a great white shark and has been known for attacking humans and even crocodiles. Locals say it is the only fish that doesn’t fear crocodile, and it actually eats smaller ones. This fish is known as the most dangerous freshwater fish in the world and can be found in Lake Tanganyika and the Congo River in Africa.

There have been reports from around the world that humans are being attacked by unknown creature and this intrigue River Monsters’ host Jeremy Wade.

So the British angler sets out in the Congo River to find and catch the mythical creature.

Many news paper and many journalist telecast the news about this giant fish. Because it engulf the human creatures and the other creatures in the under world,that\’s why the village people were being concerned to catch the giant fish..

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