There should be a limit of everything whatever you do. It’s almost Halloween, the time of pumpkin spiced everything, horror specials on TV, Trick or Treating, and of course scary pranks that can mentally scar someone. So a bunch of guys decided it was a good idea to dress someone up like a demon, give him a flamethrower and watch him chase down people for the heck of it.

Making fun its OK but an excess of it may result in bad consequence to the people who are feeble-minded. there are some people who are used to making fun with people and there is no symptom is left that that can spot out it to be nothing but a prank. that is a prank is done in a very subtle way and no one can make out at the very stage while happen to them.  you could see in this hilarious footage that the guy pretends to be demon and the other guy pretends to be a victim who is set fire by the demon.

The fake demon is seen rushing towards the people who come forwards to help the man who is set fire. The man runs towards the men and act burning and slam himself to the ground. Thus, guys, if you like this footage then you can share this footage among your friends, family, Facebook and twitter.