Even though we do not deal with them every day, snakes are an important part of our planet’s life. They are different from any other animals we know and many people are extremely afraid of them. The fear is natural but some nations of the world eat them as food. Cambodia is such a country where snakes are the item of their food menu. They catch snakes using different traps and bare hand.
This video shows how to catch snakes using traps. It is not easy to catch snakes using trap but a proper trap can catch snakes.  If you have already spotted the snake or snakes, you intend to trap, it is a good idea to identify the species so you know what you’re getting into. This will help you pick out the right trap and decide how gingerly you need to treat the snake once it’s in your care.

The Cambodian guy makes a snake trap that is very easy to make. You can learn it if you want to catch snake from your garden or chicken coop. After setting his trap the man catches a snake using the trap.

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