You can show amazing performance of long jump or high jump after running a long way. But it is almost impossible to take yourself up to the height of your head jumping straight up.  But a man breaks world record by jumping straight up.
The name of this stuntman is Evan Ungar, 24, who broke the current Guinness World Records world record of 59.8 inches with a jump of 61.5 inches (1.61 meters) onto a box or platform, in front of an audience of 100-150 at the One Health Clubs facility in Oakville, setting the new world record for the Highest standing jump, according to the World Record Academy.

The man is 5 ft 10.5 inches tall, which means that he almost jumped his entire body height. No run-up is permitted for this challenge, so Evan had to propel himself up onto the platform using the strength of his legs alone.

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