Water pollution may be closer to you than you might think. There are a lot of human activities that cause water pollution and many of these happen close to or even in your own home. With so many different human causes of water pollution, it might be overwhelming to imagine where to begin educating yourself on the problem. It’s true that the problem is a very big one. But this is concerning, but fortunately, not unsolvable. A 22-year-old Indian entrepreneur has already presented a solution.
Jawwad Patel, an engineering student, has developed an invention that converts atmospheric moisture into potable drinking water. In other words, it pulls water from the air to produce drinkable water within a short period of time.

Jawwad Patel, visited Lattur-  a village in neighboring Maharashtra which was severely affected by the worst-ever drought this summer forcing thousands of people to flee. He talked to a woman in the village, who used to walk more than 12 kilometers to fetch just two-three liters of potable water for the consumption of her entire family.

The engineering student devised the interface to control the operation of the device and its sensors, which detect humidity, temperature, and a few other factors. Reportedly, Jawwad is already working on the next version of the product. His plan is to incorporate a solar cell to power the Dewdrop and to provide the user with the choice of hot or cold water. It is a 3D printed device.Dewdrop weighs about 900g which makes it easier to carry anywhere one goes. The device is powered by a 12V 6000 mAh Li-ion battery.

It can generate about 1.86l/hr of potable drinking water. Jawwad says it can generate at least 1.2l/hr in desert-like areas. He has also devised the interface to control the operation of the device which includes sensors which detect humidity, temperature and other factors.

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