We all have some incredible skills that some people can show but some people cannot show because they didn’t try to find out what they can do. Some can roll their tongue, eat a live chicken or do tightrope walking, these are just hidden ‘talents’ that may be utterly amazing and entertaining but have limited uses. A Chinese man have incredible strength in Chengdu, Southwest China, who can inflate truck tire by his nose.
Tong Junhai, 44, boasted to have a massive lung capacity, so much so that he can inflate a car tyre with a few blows of his nostrils. The footage shows the man holds a 40-meter rubber hose to his right nostril and blows as hard as he could, gradually filling the tubes. He had his left nostril and left ear covered the whole time to prevent pressure leaks. One member of the public did not believe him and attempted to try it himself by using his mouth.

Tong’s performance was captured on video and shared on Chinese social media, where it quickly went viral. Local media soon caught up with him to find out how he did it. The man said that he had watched a kung fu master pull off the same stunt when he was a child and was inspired to condition his lungs in order to imitate him. Reports say that he has been honing his nose-blowing skills for a decade now, following his failed attempt at being an entrepreneur.

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