Accidents happen when drivers become unconscious. A driver miraculously survived when he crashed his vehicle with a lorry in Russia. The driver comes out through the windscreen before clinging on to his lorry and landing on his feet. The video was captured from a road near Vladimir, 200km east of Moscow, shows the lorry in front veering into the path of oncoming vehicles.
The video shows the car smashes into another coming in the opposite direction and the man is flung from his seat but manages to cling on before walking away. The footage was captured by the dashcam of the another car.

You can see the lorry is completely destroyed and the accident took place when the front lorry suddenly becomes slow.  It is not clear from the video why the lorry in front veers into the path of oncoming vehicles, or if the other driver was injured in the crash. It was a good luck for the driver who comes out from the windshield.

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