Sometimes some incidents happen that we can not think before. But sometimes we take risk to do something knowing the probable risk.  A number of spectators were standing over a suspension bridge when it suddenly collapsed. Actually they didn’t know this will happen.
The collapse of the bridge sent as many as 30 people into Carrizal River near the city of Tosagua in western Ecuador. The footage shows people standing on the bridge falling into the river and those by the riverside plunging into the river to help. People had gathered at the bridge to watch rafts sail by as part of a local festival. The bridge collapsed as it could not hold the weight of all the people standing over the bridge.

Miraculously no-one was killed as locals raced into the river to rescue those who plummeted when the 10-year-old bridge gave way. The shocking scene was captured on cameras of people gathered to watch the happy festivities. The accident was captured on camera by people who had congregated along the riverbank to enjoy the event and saw the bridge collapsing.

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