Would you trust a bathroom or kitchen product with big life news like telling you if you are going to have a baby? Some women are now mixing their urine with toothpaste to check them if they are pregnant or not - even though there is no scientific evidence it works and home tests are readily available at low prices in supermarkets.
Some women are even filming the tests and posting them to YouTube to show what the ’positive’ result should look like. Here in this video, you can see some methods of pregnancy tests that are being used beside the modern methods. You can use toothpaste or vinegar or bleach to test you are pregnancy or not. The girl has shown some tests using these ingredients that works.  

"There is no evidence that toothpaste can detect HCG in a woman’s urine, and women should not rely on DIY methods to confirm if they are pregnant or not." Even those who suggest the toothpaste test as a DIY option advise women should "still consider more traditional methods of confirming pregnancy".

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