Traditional bathing customs for a newborn baby can vary from region to region. But they all are done to keep a newborn baby clean, healthy and enhance his overall development. It is thought that a baby needs particular care and attention for the first 40 days of his life, as he is most vulnerable during this time.  Some mothers continue bathing their babies in the traditional way right up till their first birthday. But this bathing style of a grandmother must make you terrified.
The video shows the Indian grandmother sitting on a very low small bench starts to bath her newborn grandchildren. She is outside of her family’s home. She had traditional idea of bathing a babies that she is applying to bathe her grandchildren. The outdoor area is some sort of a washing area.

You can see this Indian grandmother has her legs stretched in front of her while the baby is lying on her legs. Then she washes the baby using soap and shampoo that is bad for the skin of the baby. It is not washing a baby but it is torture of the baby. No one should do it to her baby that can harm the health of the baby.

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