If you have ever flown a kite, you would probably vouch for the fact that it is not easy the first time. In fact, even after you have got yourself acquainted with flying kites, it takes a great deal of skill to keep a kite airborne in changing wind patterns and perform maneuvers like rapid climbs, quick dives and cutting others’ kites. But this man fall in problem when he tries to fly his kite.
The video shows the man is holding the sting of the kite and the other man is holding the kite to leave it in the air. But, the kite-flyer is yanked off his feet and dragged across a field in high winds and his friend thinks it’s hilarious.

It seems the velocity of the wind was powerful, so the kite yanked him and make him flown in the sky. A friend films him from behind as he lays down on the grass, while another man stands about 40ft away with the kite at the ready. He is swooped up by the force of the lift-off and frantically kicks his legs in fear.

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