We are increasing the use of automatic machine to make our daily work easy. Can these machines will be able to do all the works? Simone Giertz’s morning routine involves a lot of really bad robots. They fail miserably at waking her up, brushing her teeth and making her breakfast. Simone Giertz created an army of weird-operating robots. Simone proudly holds title “Queen of Shitty Robots” and hopes she will never get a Darwin Award.
Simone Giertz is 26-year-old inventor and youtuber from Stockholm, Sweden. She also invents a robot for beautifying him using lipstick on her lips. Lipstick robot will give you a hand in getting ready for the perfect date. Thanks to your lip-makeup, you will stand out from the crowd and blend in with circus cast. Despite a wide range of functions and shapes there is one thing that brings all robots together – they work in totally useless manner. And that`s absolutely hilarious!

If you’re the kind of gal or guy (we don’t judge) that loves make-up and is totally down of destroying a whole tube of lipstick with each application, then this robot is perfect for you!

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