These days, even smokers know that cigarettes are bad for their health. It might not stop them smoking, but they are at least aware of what they’re doing to their bodies - especially now fag packets come with those disgusting photos on them. A nicotine-addicted sheep in southern India has added an unhealthy snack to its diet: cigarettes.
The sheep in the city of Mandya, in the state of Karnataka, is often seen outside tea shops and markets hoping to snag a cigarette and other tobacco products from passersby. The animal loves nicotine so much that it often eats tobacco over its regular diet of greens and other vegetables.

As the video below shows, it has a huge love for tobacco. In fact, the sheep’s addiction to nicotine is so large that it turns its nose up at vegetables and greens - you know, the things it probably should be eating - in favor of tobacco.

While that sounds horrific and unhealthy and likely is, to be honest - there is actually a reason why it started eating tobacco in the first place. That is because farmers near Mandya sometimes use tobacco to rid animals of parasites and worms and will even give them large quantities of it if one becomes seriously ill.

Experts say ingesting nicotine could have a devastating impact on animals. It can cause excessive salivation, excitement, tremors, vomiting, lack of coordination, weakness, convulsions, respiratory failure and even death.

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