There are many restrictions by the laws of the world that save our innocent creatures of the world. But it is not clear that is there any law to protect rats that are always busy for harm us. A man tortured a tiny rat after catching it stealing his bread in south west china.
The video shows, the cruel man named Mr Shi tied up the rodent and force-fed it with a bottle of Baijiu, a super-strong alcoholic drink. The rat was then burnt to death as its limbs got bound to a plastic mesh board. The man is torturing the rat first and then pours a liquid on the body from the bottle to set fire in its body. It seems the liquid is alcohol.

Mr Shi said that, "Look at you, not leaving a drop of wine to me, drink it up!" He then showed the rat a piece of bread. The rat twitched its body when the man questioned it with the bread. The man also said, ’See how you ate the bread! Now I see how you like it with a bit of fire!’ After a moment the man sets fire on the body of the rat.

He then recorded a selfie video explaining that the incident and stated that ’rats are vermin that everyone catch them and beat them’.

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