Fish traps are used to catch a variety of aquatic species throughout the world. Fish traps are used for catching fishes from lakes and streams. You can easily catch fish using fish traps just setting them in the water or river bank. Traps are very easy to make and the best way to make a fish trap depends on what you fish for. Make a smaller trap if you fish for minnows or pan fish. Make a larger trap if you fish for catfish, carp or suckers. But this old man catches fish using an uncommon fish trap that is made from banana trunk and thorn.
The old man first collects trunk of banana tree to make a pipe. This is alternative use of plastic pipes that is expensive in the market and you have to count some money to buy from the market. The old man is really intelligent. He sets them on the river bank just near the water surface. After setting the trap he spreads some baits in it and around the trap in the water to attract fishes. this trap is actually used for catching small fishes.

This trap is very effective and also very easy to make using banana tree. Don’t forget to share this video with your friends and on Facebook or other social media.