The advancement in robotics and technology has turned dreams into reality, and what was once thought of as pure science fiction, is slowly becoming accessible. Drones, intelligent cars, assembly line robots, are all part of our daily lives. Boston Dynamics’ humanoid Atlas robot is such a great invention that can do something incredible. Here it is: Boston Dynamics’ humanoid Atlas robot can now run all by itself.
This recent video shows that it doesn’t need to be tied down anymore.  As you can see in the video below, the Atlas Robot is shown running through a park at a decent pace. This robot is actually running along at a brisk pace and it’s able to jump over a log/obstacle when something gets in its way.
In one point of the video, it even shows the robot jumping over an obstacle in its way. Humanity is doomed. 

The new Atlas is actually smaller and lighter than is for-bearer, weighing 80kg and standing tall at 1.75 meters (5 feet 9 inches). But it can also now jump, back-flip, stack shelves and fend off attackers. There’s even been a version fitted with wheels allowing it to zip across rooms, jump on to tables and terrify human observers. Now the biped robot has seemingly conquered jogging across grass, which means not even Parkrun is safe from the tyranny of robots.

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