The living beings of the world are always fighting to survive. We have seen in different TV programs on wild life that predators are always trying to hunt another for making them meal. Among them big cats are in the first position. Here a stork with lightning fast reflexes was not in the mood to become lunch.

Here in this video, you can seen a heroic bird has made a miraculous escape after a hungry leopard leapt into the air to capture it. Incredible footage has emerged of the cunning leopard hiding in the grass before jumping high into the air and attempting to pluck an unsuspecting stork from the sky.

The quick-thinking bird manages to escape the cat’s clutches with just millimeters to spare before flying away and leaving the leopard with its tail between its legs. The agile bird manages to escape just in time - frantically flapping away inches from the leopard’s claws.

The dramatic moment was captured by shocked safari guests Paul Rifkin, 60, who took the pictures, and Lauren O’Dea, 32, who recorded the footage. The incredible clip, filmed in a safari park in the Serengeti in Tanzania, shows the predator leap into the air seconds after the stork realizes it is being hunted.

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